About Us

C&C Farms Registered and Certified Seed, Inc. is a family-owned and operated registered and certified seed farm located in Donnybrook, ND.  Established in 1906, C&C Farms has been providing the area's grain and seed needs for over 100 years.

Through we cannot control the weather or the market fluctuations, we can control the quality of seed that we plant.  For over 100 years, C&C Farms' goal has been to provide you with the best quality seed, whether it's for planting or livestock and pet consumption.  We pride ourselves in providing top quality along with a wide variety.  

C&C Farms sells conventionally grown, certified, registered, and common seeds to be able to fill all of your seed needs.

Whether you value our high germination percentages and excellent yields for planting your next crop or our variety of quality seed we have available for your pet or livestock feed products, C&C Farms has all the seed you will need to get the job done.

We hope that you find our products to be of personal benefit as well as a way to help your business prosper.  Our product is available in 2,000 lb. totes or by bulk truckload, and delivery is always available.

We are always ready to answer your questions about our products or your specific needs, and remember: if you don't see something you need on our seed list, please ask, and we will get it for you!